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SoulCollage Card-Making Salon

SoulCollage is an intuitive collage process for self-discovery. Spend an afternoon making cards, having fun, and enjoying the company of other creative people! This interactive, community session offers those new to SoulCollage an opportunity to learn to make cards and the journaling techniques that come with it. Show up and be pleasantly surprised by what the cards reveal and have to share with you. 

Adoptive Parent

Family Support Group

Whether you are waiting to be matched, recently adopted, or long time parents of an adoptive/foster child, this group is designed as a safe place to share your unique journey with other adoptive parents and families. To give insight and guidance on how parents in similar situations are raising their child and any challenges they may face with family and society. We especially want our children to know other adopted kids to gain support from, as well.

Child care provided. 

The ClayTray

Arts & Crafts for Children

The ClayTray is an inspiring space for children where they can explore and experience the world of clay, paint, and open-ended, natural materials. The studio is led by two passionate, energetic educators: Tali Soffer and Suzana Tsimerman. With over 30 years of combined experience, they specialize in experiential, creative, authentic, age-appropriate experiences for young children. Tali and Suzana strive to inspire, encourage risk taking, problem solving and critical thinking. 

Evolving Parents

Peaceful Parenting Support Group

Bring any parenting issue you're struggling with and learn what is causing the behavior and how you can better manage it. Led by a certified parent educator in the peaceful parenting method ‘Teach through Love’, Angie Sanders.

Our mission is to help parents better understand their children by teaching peaceful parenting methods that tap into self-regulation and emotional intelligence, all based on research of brain development, for parents and their children. We will help make life less chaotic, more sane and joyful. It is possible!

First Thursday of the Month | 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Artistic Women Inspiring Artistic Women

Come share your art and your creative wisdom with the Artistic Women Inspiring Artistic Women. We meet monthly for creative inspiration, meaningful support, evocative discussion, illuminating insights, answers to artistic technique questions, and dynamic community. Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned professional, school trained, or self-taught, feeling stuck, or feeling expansively prolific, we invite you to come share your creative journey!
We encourage you to bring a finished piece of art (painting, poem, mixed-media, jewelry, song, dance, ... whatever) or a work in progress, though this is not required!

Holistic Chamber of Commerce Meet

In our overly materialistic society fraught with anxiety and stress, we have a tendency to overdo as a means to soothe and relax ourselves. Whether ww hover-buy, over-think, or over-sign-up-for-things, this excess can lead to clutter. It could be a mantel full of well-loved photos, an overflowing inbox, or a head-full of great ideas…it doesn't matter. Sometimes too much is simply too much. The question is, does this clutter impact our business and success? According to our guest speakers, the answer is a resounded yes. Click below to find out more. 

Immigrant Advocacy for Therapists

Georgia King, LCSW presents an intensive workshop on providing mental health evaluations for immigration cases. There’s a huge need for this work at this moment in time, and this can be a very meaningful, lucrative and reliable part of private practice. The average fee for an evaluation of this depth is around $950, plus this is a great chance to do life-changing pro bono work.

 Each workshop is highly practical, and participants will leave with all the tools necessary to begin providing evaluations immediately. This includes detailed templates and interviewing questions, as well as specialized networking and marketing tips.

Optimize Your Stage Presence

If fear and perfectionism interfere with your ability to communicate about your business from the stage or even one one. This class if for you. Using gentle games and exercises you will learn to quiet those foes and allow your competent, joyful essence to shine. We’ll practice grounding and centering techniques to quickly achieve focus and connection with your audience, we’ll playfully practice your prepared speeches so that your authentic passion, essence and message come across and you receive the lean-in you’re there to receive. 

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